October 08, 2017

Please share your ideas about celebrating the New Year in warm climate countries.

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2 answers

Julia Lapa
Answered October 11, 2017

Well, let me propose two ideas for you :)

1. Take a Cruise

This way of celebrating is great for those who want to embrace all the joys having very little time. You can combine relaxing on the deck with occasional sightseeing and shopping in new cities. The decorated fir-trees are probably making funny jingling noises because of the waves. Ok, just kidding, modern cruise ships are not so sensitive. Still, make sure that you and your companions are not sea-sick.

2. Visit Hong Kong food festival

Christmas is also a time of the year when we opt for sophisticated and unusual meals, even when celebrating at home. If you are a bit of a gourmet you may find it curious to visit the Hong Kong food festival. Tasting various meals representing different oriental cuisines is a fascinating experience. Beware gaining weight though - everything is just too tasty.

Good luck!

Denis Tsuman
Answered October 11, 2017

You should give Singapore a chance!

This city-slash-country doesn’t have any snow to offer in winter. But the attractive Christmas festival they have every year is still a “must see” for a dedicated traveler.

Christmas on a Great Street” - the annual festival that takes place on the Orchard Road. All the malls are heavily decorated, there are lights and ornaments almost everywhere.

According to the idea behind the festival, everything should look like you’re in the “Nutcracker” fairy tale. We offer you checking how close they managed to bring this idea to life.