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What are the impressions that have no one to share? TripHearts - opens the hearts and souls of those who are ready to share the joy of the road and new adventures. Look, perhaps it is your companion who is online now and is ready to go on a trip.


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Here you can find a partner for traveling anywhere, anytime and for whatever. Communicate, get to know each other and new places.

You will be able to find a like-minded person who shares your hobbies - and who is able to share his equally valuable knowledge, experience and emotions. TripHarts is the best way to search for those with whom you want to stay close, because only on the road you can find out almost everything about a person.


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Create a story of your incredible journey or plan a new one. Here you have a chance to find a companion who will appreciate your idea, and maybe he will suggest how to improve it.

Sightseeing trips, cruises and resort vacations, hitchhiking and extreme entertainment - all this on the TripHarts companion search site !. Sign up and start planning your trip.

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