TripHearts is a global travel community, which brings together travelers from all over the world.

travel steps

Your first steps with TripHarts:

Plan travel

Create a travel of your dreams

Plan a detailed itinerary for your upcoming trip.

Add destinations and specify the dates of your stay in each of them. Select the desired companions and, of course, describe the trip in your own words, because it is always unique.

Travelers will see the created journey and will be able to join.

Find travelmate

Find your ideal companion

You can find fellow travelers who are heading to the same countries as you, as well as meet local people who can show you wonderful places in their city.

Join the trips of the community members, and meet those who have responded to your travel.

Travel story

Tell everyone about your travel

Are you traveling now and want to share your impressions? Or do you want to keep a story about your last trip? Then feel free to open your created travel and add photo-marks to your route!

The story of your incredible journey will forever remain with you. And travelers-writers will be able to realize their full potential in their personal blog.


When you are ready

Go on a trip

  • Create travel stories
  • Find cheap flights
  • Book a hotel
  • Add photo-marks
  • Ask questions
  • Help with answers
  • Keep your blog
  • Plan travels
  • Meet and chat
Start a travel