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Meet people, communicate, find your soulmate and make new friends. Here new acquaintances, travel mates, journeys together, the advices of experienced travelers and the possibility to help beginner travelers are waiting for you.

The members of our community are united by the most unpredictable and exciting hobby in the world – traveling. And it means that here you will meet multi-faceted, outstanding and all-round persons with whom you will have what to talk about and what to show to each other.

On TripHearts you will get a chance to meet the perfect fellow traveler and go on a journey together.

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You can find a travel buddy who head for the same countries as you do and also meet locals who will be happy to show you the places of interest in their town.

Venice - Italy

I’m off to Italy, who wants to come with me?

  1. Vilnius, Lithuania
  2. Venice, Italy
  3. San Marino, Italy

Bali - Indonesia

I’d like to meet local people :)

  1. Budapest, Hungary
  2. Bali, Indonesia
  3. Gianyar, Indonesia

Athens - Greece

It’s more fun together, join in!

  1. Kyiv, Ukraine
  2. Rodos, Greece
  3. Athens, Greece

Pattaya - Thailand

I’m looking for traveling companions to Thailand!

  1. Stockholm, Sweden
  2. Pattaya, Thailand
  3. Phetchaburi, Thailand

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Would you like to have your own webpage at the address where you can show and tell the whole world about your trips?

Or maybe you need a convenient place to store photos, videos, notes about traveling and mark the countries you have already been to? Then this is your ideal place to do it.

TripHearts provide the possibility to post photos, videos and articles in a blog to be viewed by all as well as to store confidential data which will only be accessed by you and a select circle of friends.

A beautiful and rich in content webpage will be your hallmark and a handy traveler’s tool.

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Tell everyone about your impressions and new adventures

We invite you to create your own travel blog and share your stories and feelings. Subscribe to new stories of your friends and follow their discoveries.

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5 things to do in Vietnam

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