All the things a traveler needs

Planning. Travel budget. Selection of flights. Accommodation options. Creation of travelling stories on an interactive map.

Start a trip

Trip planning

Point by point - plan a detailed route to prepare for the trip in the best way possible

Pave a trip itineraryMapBold

Plan a detailed itinerary for your upcoming trip. The itinerary is built using destinations, with arrival dates, notes and photos.

Add destinationsDirectionsIcon

Destinations can be countries and cities as well as attractions that can be selected from the list. You can create your own destination if you see fit.

SerfingJoint travelling

You can plan your trip both independently and together with friends. Just invite your friend to join, or he can apply for part.


Start by planning your nearest trip, and very likely soon, you and your friends will be planning your first circumnavigation on TripHarts.

Selection of flight tickets, hotels and apartments

Recommendations for flight tickets, hotels and apartments. Comparison of prices and offers between the best booking services.

PlaneRecommendations for flights

The system analyzes the route of your journey, selects the most profitable options for a flight between destinations. You can view the proposed flight, find a few more alternatives and immediately book the best one. In addition, you can pre-select one of the flights, and return to booking later.

HotelSelection of accommodation options

The selection of hotels and apartments is also automatic. If the search is successful, a recommended accommodation option will appear near your destination, which you can book immediately or remember the choice. If you have already found a good accomodation option, you can specify it manually in order to plan your itinerary in more detail.

CardsPopular booking services

The intelligent system searches at once on all popular booking services (such as Kiwi, Tickets, Agoda, Booking) and recommends the best options.

GlobeHandSearching for cheap flight tickets and hotels

In addition to the recommendations on the page of the created travel, there are special sections of the service that will help you quickly find profitable flight tickets, hotels and apartments.

Interactive map

Travel route planning is implemented directly on a dynamic world map. When a new location is added, the map is updated and connects the points with each other. If you want to view the area you’re interested in thoroughly to select the next location, switch to the interactive map mode.

Travel story

Create the story of your trip and leave an impression of each location

SailBoatSeaCreate a story of your trip

Are you travelling now and want to share your impressions? Or do you want to keep the story of your last trip as a memory? Then boldly create a trip and add impressions to you itinerary!

AlpinismFor travel writers

The story of your astonishing travel will stay with you forever. And travel writers will be able to fulfil their full potential by creating complete and vivid stories about their travels.

DivingMaskTravel story will stay with you

Instead of a list of unrelated travel photos, you can create something bigger - a dynamic chronology of all events and impressions about each place you visited on your trip!

FlipFlopsTell friends about your trips

The story can be private, available only for you or public. It can be shared on Facebook.

LoungeSunMenAdd impressions

Do you wonder how all this can be done? Firstly, try to create a trip and pave a detailed itinerary. You can add one or more impressions to each item. Impression is both a description and photos with videos. It’s convenient to create an impression of every day of travel or about every attraction.

SunSeaChronology of all life’s travel

All trip stories form one big travel chronology of your life. Human memory isn’t perfect. We forget a lot. But our servers are stable and strong, they will remember everything. Create your own travel stories and return to TripHearts anytime you want to relieve them.

TripHearts knows the best routes

Do you want to try your luck? Try an intelligent system of automatic travel formation

SailBoatAre you ready for adventure?

You want to go on a trip. But you have no idea what place to choose? Or maybe you like unexpected adventures and are ready for new discoveries?

TreeSleepThe best routes

Just choose a city, where your trip will begin, period and travel preferences. The best and most profitable routes will be selected automatically!

SeaStarPlusThe ideas for a new trip

We analyze all options for flights and accommodation in popular holiday and tourism destinations. In a few seconds, you’ll get a detailed plan for your new trip!

There is no weekdays or days off in the trip. There’s only a moment now, and it’s magical!