Meeting Dragsholm's Ghosts

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Dragsholm Castle is considered to be quite a paranormal spot in Denmark. During the centuries it seems to have accumulated the spirits of the dead for some unknown purpose. Maybe, to become popular?

It is thought that about hundred of ghosts haunt the Dragsholm, but three of them are the most famous.

The White Lady of the Dragsholm Castle is actually a spirit of a very young girl. Her father was the owner of the castle, and disapproving the misalliance he prohibited her marriage to an ordinary worker. The girl was imprisoned and died very soon. Her skeleton was found during the castle renovation in the early XX century.

The Grey Lady of the Castle had been a worker, who suffered from the tooth pain. She was cured, and comes back to look after other patients. It’s curious, if she still finds any.

And the last but not the least is a Scottish nobleman James Hepburn.

He was a very loveable man, which played a trick on him in the end of his life. He was married three times, once - to Mary, Queen of Scots. That story is interesting by itself, as he simply abducted her after (probably) participating in her husband’s murder. Some time later he was running away from Scotland for all the crimes he was accused of. Everything could have ended happily, if one detail from his loveable past didn’t come up. He travelled to the North, where he was caught by the relatives of a girl he had seduced decades ago. They declared his insanity and placed him in the Dragsholm Castle, making it the last home of his life.

He was chained to the pillar for the last ten years of his life. The pillar is still there, and one can see a round furrow near it. He died here, and his body wasn’t buried properly until recently. This probably explains why his soul doesn’t want to leave the premises of the Dragsholm. In fact, he’s not alone - he’s usually accompanied by the whole court, horses and carriages.

Dragsholm Castle is a hospitable hotel now. So if you intend to interview James Hepburn about his epoque or if you want to ask him some awkward questions about his marriages (especially the one to Mary Stuart) - you are welcome to book.

Copenhagen, Denmark

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