See Bangkok from a boat. Thailand's attractions

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Bangkok is an incredible city, often referred to as “Asian Venice”. The historical city center with all the main attractions is located on the artificial island Rattanakosin, surrounded by channels. One can visit all the heritage boating around. So here’s our small checklist - things you should positively do in Bangkok.

Imagine you’re a heir to the Rama I - check

You will have to go there by water, as the underground won’t get you to the historical city part. You can take a Chao Phraya Express Boat, that will take you directly to the Grand Palace. The magnificent building is open for tourists, but don’t forget to cover your shoulders and your legs (because apparently there’s a chance you’d be wearing shorts and a tank top).

It is not a residence to the king anymore - the royal family only comes here a couple of times every year for the festivities.

See what Emerald Buddha is wearing today - check

Within the Grand Palace territory there is a sacred place for buddhist people - Wat Phra Kaew, a temple where the Emerald Buddha statue is located. The statue is made of nephritis and is always wearing smart clothes. The king himself changes the clothes Buddha wears according to the season.

Visit the Jim Thompson House - check

Being multicultural for a long time already, Bangkok has attractions with non-asian origin too. Jim Thompson had been a silk manufacturer here in Bangkok, but eventually he got interested in local culture and antiquities. He collected enough of artifacts to make his house become a museum. Jim Thompson himself unfortunately died at unknown circumstances during his trip to Malaysia.

Eat the “gooay teeo kooa ga” and try to get the recipe - check

“Gooay teeo kooa ga” is a specialty consisting of noodles, chicken and squid, fried in butter with garlic. There was a time when it was sold from boats - they were a sort of a floating fast food restaurants. These noodles are usually cooked in beef stock, which provides this deep and rich flavor.

See the ocean wildlife - check

Not located in the city center, though still requires some boating - the largest aquarium in South-Eastern Asia, Siam Ocean World. It is located in the Siam Paragon trade center.

This underwater zoo has divisions for different types of sea animals - jelly fish, deep ocean wildlife, deep-water reef and other. It is so huge you can take a transparent bottom boat and go on a little ocean tour. Or if you’re a diver, you could even swim “hand in hand” with the ocean wildlife.

In fact, there is much more that Bangkok has to offer. Reserving at least two days for a glimpse of a capital city is a must when you travel to Thailand (even if you only planned the beach-and-mojito type of vacation).

Bangkok, Thailand

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