Goa, namaste. Practicing yoga where it was born

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You may have your yoga pants in your purse every day, you may start your day with a short yet cheerful set of asanas, but that doesn’t make you a real yoga fan. Travel to India to see where yoga was born and practiced for getting more spiritual core to your everyday exercise.

Goa is a good destination point for this purpose. You can easily get here, and there are places to stay for any budget. And there is plenty to do here on your yoga tour.

Practice yoga on the beach

Even a couple of minutes meditation on the beach is much more refreshing than any brain reboot in the sports club. The waves are calming down, the sun is just perfectly in time to practice the Sun Salutation - Surya Namaskar. What is even better, is that the sand makes a great yoga mat - it’s not slippery and it’s not too rigid.

If you’re lucky, you could meet local yogines practising here. It is not likely that they will want to discuss their life with you, but you’ll have the privilege of observing the way they meditate and open their chakras.

Visit local yoga centers

Yoga is the art of being here and now. While traveling to Goa it would be a shame not to visit local yoga centers and not to take a class from a local yoga coach. She’ll certainly tell you if you’d been doing “downward faced dog” wrong all the time.

Go to an ayurveda doctor

Wouldn’t it be really lovely to have yourself cured of all illnesses by natural remedies? You can try ayurveda practice here. As another component of yoga lifestyle, it probably wouldn’t help if anything serious happens. But following the simple rules of ayurveda dieting has showed good results on how people feel overall. You can even take a whole course about the nutrition and What else to do do while here.

Pet a local cow and have all your sins forgiven. For that to come into action, stop eating beef burgers unless you’re a vegan already.

If you got a little tired of yoga and meditation (though it sounds ridiculously), you can always go back to swimming, sunbathing and dancing at the parties. There are elephant shows here too, so if it was your dream to ride an elephant - try making it come true here.

As a proof of your actually visiting Goa, get a temporal henna tatoo - a mehendi.

Photo thanks to Cinty Ionescu
Photo thanks to Cinty Ionescu

The peculiar ornament on your hands will remind you of your peaceful yoga vacation. Just don’t let your impressions fade away together with the henna drawings.

Goa, India

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