5 questions to ask your fellow traveller before the tickets are booked

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At some point you may want to invite another solo traveller to go with you on your next trip. And this decision is great indeed, because traveling with a fellow traveller is usually more fun. Though there are things you should better foresee before the tickets are booked and the luggage is packed. To start with - ask your potential fellow traveller these 5 questions and see if your expectations from the trip are similar.

1. What attractions do you plan to visit?

While you’re into art, your companion might be into night life and shopping. If the main goal of your trip is to see Mona Lisa, search for someone who is as keen on Leonardo’s works as yourself. And if you go to Austria only to ski and to drink mulled wine, you won’t benefit from a fellow traveller who is all into classical music and coffee.

2. How much money do you plan to spend on food?

Even though this question seems too trivial to ask, it could make a lot of difference. We have meals at least three times a day, and losing time in awkward conversations choosing the place to have dinner is not what you want from the trip. The budget will let you decide on whether the place is appropriate much faster. This is especially the case when you go to some fancy cities where a single meal in a restaurant could cost a fortune. It’s also a good idea to define if you plan risking on tasting the local street food.

3. At what pace do you plan to follow the route?

You may want to see every brushstroke on a Velasques painting, in the meantime your fellow traveller is in a hurry. He or she has already checked out this museum from his/her “to do” list and feels bored being surrounded by these barocco people. The density of your trip impressions will depend a lot on the pace you choose. You can make a whole bunch of selfies, having a trouble remembering where they all were taken. Fortunately, there’s GPS invented for cases like this.

4. Shall we walk or shall we drive most of time?

Suppose you want to have a quick glimpse of Marseille and a view from a taxi window is quite enough for you, as you’re not here for sightseeing.

Your fellow traveller could be planning to step on the pavement of every old street of the city. So having asked this question you will at least know exactly what pair of shoes should you get into your suitcase or your backpack.

5. Shall we “rub shoulders” with locals?

Before agreeing think again. There is a chance to meet a fraud in every country of the world, but some tourist destinations have a higher concentration than any other. This is especially the case when you visit poor countries. So before you decide to trust people around you, think again if you really should relax. Discuss this before you go not to find yourself in an awkward situation when you don’t know whether to accompany your fellow traveller on a boat trip with local chaps or not.

We would also advise you to look on our safety tips before choosing a fellow traveller.


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