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The website for travel planning and travel itinerary creation.

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Professional travel itinerary preparation and trip planning on the website for travelers.

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You can create a travel route on an online map. Route planning by days and events will allow you to take into account all the details of the trip.


Designing a travel itinerary at TripHearts travel service. Add each destination to your route. You can also add countries, cities and even attractions. Add your own special places.

Travel photo notesFlipFlops

It’s impossible to build a travel itinerary without notes. You can add notes with photos and comments to each item. Reminders about events, time of flights, notes of excursions.

Travel budgetDivingMask

The calculation of the travel expenses is necessary if you want a low-cost trip. When planning your trip, use the possibility of calculating travel expenses.

Travel planning service

Travel planning for true pilgrims all over the world.

Private travelsGlobeHand

Individual travel planning on TripHearts. The trip can be private or public for all travelers to view. Choose your own format for creating your trip itinerary.

Joint tripSunSea

It’s awesome to plan an online trip with friends.We've created a special tool for travelers to help them organize a trip. They also can invite other users to plan a route together.

Trip planning
Recommendations for airline ticketsAlpinism

Cheap flights are automatically selected for each destination. You can instantly figure out the price of each flight and of the whole trip.

Hotel bookingLoungeSunMen

Instant switch to booking for hotel selection. Dates and hotel search locations are automatically set. You can quickly book the hotel directly from your travel plan.

Planning travel to Europe, Asia and around the world

The website of travelers from Europe and all parts of our wonderful planet.

SailBoatPlanning a trip to Europe

Planning a route through Europe on TripHearts is a current choice of real travelers. Travel site will help to plan a route around Europe with friends and travel companions.

TreeSleepTravel plan to Asia

Incredible Asia, with all its shocking contrast, will be closer and more enjoyable if you plan a trip in advance. Extremely good preparation is the best improvisation.

SeaStarPlusTravelling by car, by plane and by ship

TripHearts deals not only with air travel, it is about any travel by any means of transport, even by a motorcycle! Try it right now.

True travelers choose TripHearts for planning their travel and making the itinerary.

Trip planning