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Sharing of experience, communication and acquaintances with travelers all around the world.

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Travel impressions and stories

Website about traveling all over the world in the first person of each member of the Travelers' Club.

DirectionsIconImpressions of travels

TripHearts is like Facebook for travelers. Post your mini stories and photos of the cities and attractions you've visited. Share your impressions and tell about every exciting moment of your trip. Let everyone know about it! You and every member of your travel can add publications together to your trip story. Club members will be able to evaluate and comment on your impressions.

SerfingThe route of the upcoming trip

Plan trips together with your friends. On TripHearts you can create travels with detailed route description on an interactive map. Add other travellers, and together create your trip story. We have private and public travels which are visible to everyone to comment and discuss.

FlipFlopsPersonal travel blog

If you like to write and describe your travels in details, post the stories at your personal blog! Each member of the Travelers' Club can post travel stories or any other travel articles. The posts from your blog are published in the TripHearts events so everyone can read your stories. You can choose for this one of the ordinary blogs on the internet. Or you can post all the stories on TripHearts' professional travel resource.

DivingMaskTravel reviews

We share our impressions and publish mini stories at the Travelers' Club. Travelers write feedback and comments on other participants' travels. We all here are members of the Travelers' Club. We create a source of knowledge with feedback on our own trips that we have experienced and seen with our own eyes.

Communication and experience exchange

Perhaps you're wondering, "Where to go in the city of X?" or "What must be done in place Z?". Just ask Travelers' Club members. They know the right answers from their own experience.

GlobeHandWebsite for travelers

Discuss travel with like-minded people and have the opportunity to talk about your latest experiences or even share a caveat. The Travelers' Club has an unspoken rule about being helpful to each other. You can become part of our community if you share our values. Everyone on TripHearts has the best hobby in the world which is travels.

SunSeaQuestions and answers about trips

Ask the members of the Travelers' club about the upcoming trip. Only the real answers, which are confirmed by the experience of each traveler. You can comment on and evaluate all questions and answers, while the author of the question can choose "The best answer". By answering the questions, you can show yourself as an expert and skilled traveler.

Travel experience
AlpinismProfessional traveler

Travelers can plan their trips on a professional level with TripHearts. Plan your trip to the last detail on an interactive map. Special sections on the website will help to find the best options for flights and hotels. We compare prices from all popular booking services, selecting from thousand options.

SailBoatSeaTravel experience

Each member of our club has its own unique travel experience. Someone traveled just to Europe, someone to Asia, someone's made a round-the-world trip, and someone's already planning the second one! Share your experience with people who, just like you, have their eyes light up when they think about a new adventure.

Travelers all over the world

On behalf of its members, TripHearts invites all travel enthusiasts from all over the world to join our Travelers' Club.

SailBoatAcquaintances for trips

In the Travelers' Club you can find new friends. Most likely you have a hobby in common;) Discuss the ideas for new routes and keep up to date with your friends' adventures. There's no such thing as too many traveler friends, and it is cool to get to know someone when you're traveling.

TreeSleepJoint trips

Travelers like to meet locals, which can tell something you won't find on the internet. Spontaneous acquaintances and joint adventures often happen during a trip. Share your experience at the Travelers' Club.

SeaStarPlusGroup for travels

Hiking, cycling, steep climbing or food tourism are doubly enjoyable and fun with traveling companions. Create a common travel for the whole group. Each member will be able to publish their impressions and you can create your own incredible travel story together.

Join our open and friendly Travelers' Club and share it with your friends.

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