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Favorable trips

Pilgrim is a great service from TripHearts. Selection of an advantageous flight routes to several countries and cities.

Find a travel

How does it work?

Pilgrim service is a search for a profitable flight itinerary based on your travel preferences. Current air ticket prices and possibility to book a hotel.

Travel search formDirectionsIcon

Select a city where the trip starts. It could also be a country or an airport. The selected place will be both the beginning and the end of the trip. Use the "come back" option to select a different endpoint. Use the calendar to select a travel period.

Where would you like to go?Serfing

Unique routes, collected according to the travel preferences. It could be beach holidays, surfing, romantic cities, exotic places, shopping, popular European cities and other interesting directions. Everyone will find a route to their liking. And for a more precise search, you can select specific places manually.

Start a travel searchGlobePlane

Press the "Build route" button and the search for advantageous flights with current prices will start. Wait a minute, we're looking among a thousand options and showing the best of them. The search are made on all airlines and also the possibility of connecting flights is checked.

Most advantageous trips

TripHeart finds the most cost-effective and interesting travel routes. We analyze thousands of route combinations to select the best ones.

Choose the route of the upcoming tripGlobeHand

Get several options to choose from at once! Use the "Change route" option to view all found combinations. The route shows all destinations, duration of stay and the list of the airline companies.

Travel on an interactive mapMapBold

You can see the route of your trip on the map, where each destination is tagged with a marker. The map will help you navigate on difficult routes with 5 or more cities.

Advantageous trips
The details of each flightPlane

The detailed information about each flight: travel time, all connections, flight number, airline, the time of departure and stay. Tips for visiting the sights and excursions in each city where you will stay. Use the opportunity to select and book a hotel.

Hurry up and book your travelLoungeSunMen

Prices for air tickets and trips change very often, so the found options are kept for a limited time. If you've found the trip, complete the reservation. Or try to search again and you will definitely get a great trip. Enjoy your travels!

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