Де можна було знімати "Замерзлі": болгарські печери

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Photo thanks to flickr.com/photos/tsanova

A human being is designed in such a weird way, that whenever you get what you’ve longed for, you immediately want something totally different.

Imagine you’ve spent a number of boring office days desiring to go to the beach and finally you get there. It will be fine for a little while, but eventually you start dreaming about just the opposite - the air is suddenly to hot and unbreathable. Should this sudden change of mind happen in Bulgaria, it is not a problem, because there is an unexpected alternative to the beach resorts.

Chill out

The air temperature here is not higher than +8 C all year round. This will definitely let you take a pause from your sunbathing and swimming in warm seawater. One of the first cave’s halls has a name “Khladilnik”, which means “the fridge”. We believe no one keeps the dinner leftovers there, but it is definitely a hint to put on some warm clothes before going inside. There is a chain of halls in the cave, each having its own peculiar attractions. The stalactites hanging down like huge stone icicles, the naturally created drawings on the walls (where you can even recognize a crocodile, Santa Claus and a falcon) - all of these are worth seeing.

A concert hall in a cave? A what?!

Yes, that’s right. One of the halls in the Ledenika cave is so huge (60 x 45m, with the ceiling height of more than 20m) that it often hosts the shows and concerts. There is a laser show held here regularly, “The Show of Sound and Light”. There is also a water show when the waterfall is used as a screen for a motion picture. The light choreography, the laser show and the incredible acoustics provide you with a ton of emotions.

Photo thanks to Rossitsa Tsanova
Photo thanks to Rossitsa Tsanova

Unique wildlife

If you’re into the nature science, there are even more reasons for you to visit the cave. The conditions inside the cave are so unique that the life forms that evolved here are found nowhere else. For example, there is a firefly named “Ledenicus”, that is only found here. It is no wonder it has to light up a little, because it would be rather hard to find a mate in the total darkness otherwise. There is also a number of lichens, mushrooms and spiders inhabiting the crannies of the cave.

Seventh Heaven

The highest part of the cave is its last hall and it is called “Seventh Heaven”. You will use specially built stairs to go up and see how magnificent it looks. If “Frozen” was not to be animated, it should be filmed right here.

Photo thanks to Rossitsa Tsanova
Photo thanks to Rossitsa Tsanova

Back to the beach

The great thing about Ledenika is that after you have visited the cave, you are ready to appreciate the sunshine and warm breeze again. Variety is the key to a good rest, so don’t skip this cool (in all the word’s meanings) attraction.


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