Де спробувати кращої піци в світі - гастрономічний тур по Італії

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All sorts of national foods are usually the foods of the poor - simple, cheap yet delicious. Taking some leftovers, putting them on a piece of dough - doesn’t sound very fancy. But the result makes people all over the world literally drool.

You can order pizza in almost any city on the planet. But if you are a true pizza-believer, you need to go to Italy, where it was first made.

Start your pizza addiction with plain “margherita”. Tomato sauce, basil and mozzarella cheese - these components will help you see if the pizzaiola is skilled enough to serve this god of gastronomy. When you are ready to tell the good from the evil, start your pizza food tour. Here are some places to include.


As if being a motherland to one of the tastiest treats in the world wasn’t enough, the pizzaioli from Naples challenge all the pizzeries of the world. They do everything to prove that the pizza in Naples is still the best. Which is why they arrange a Naples Pizza Festival every year.

To be honest finding a bad pizza here is not easy. If you’re on a food tour, don’t miss to taste the famous pizza fritta - a deep-fried pizza with ricotta cheese.

Photo thanks to Luca Sartoni
Photo thanks to Luca Sartoni


Besides excellent margheritas, the local variety of pizza is “salsiccia e fior di zucca”. This one has sausages and the florets of zucchini. Some restaurants will add anchovies to add flavour to the recipe.


Here one can enjoy not only thin crust pizza, but also the thick one with a heavy layer of topping. They even sell it by the piece - one could be enough for your satiety.

Photo thanks to jeffreyw
Photo thanks to jeffreyw

The basic recipe here is again margherita, only it is accompanied by seasonal vegetables or mushrooms.


Search for the seafood pizza here. It will be listed as “frutti di mare” on the menu. There are also varieties offering meatballs and slow cooked stews as a filling - that is a curious experience for a pizza-lover too.

What else?

If you’re lucky, we advise that you take a lesson from a pizzaiola. Spinning a piece of dough in the air is almost as fascinating as magician’s tricks.

We strongly doubt, that someone will share a secret recipe of dough or topping with you. But if you happen to get one - make sure you wrote it down to recreate at home.


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