Ідеї ​​неординарного святкування Нового року

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Have you ever faced a problem, when all the attractive tourist destinations are overbooked? This usually happens when everyone is on holiday - like New Year. If you don’t want to choose from the most expensive and most uninviting options, it’s better to start planning your Christmas and New Year right now. And that’s where we come with the ideas.

Meeting Santa is quite a cliche. It’s a must if you travel with children though. Not to make this part of the holiday boring, find a Santa-alternative for this Christmas/New Year vacation.

So let’s say this year you’re not taking them to the mall to sit on Santa’s lap. Yet, you need to offer an alternative. Have you heard of Joulupukki? That’s when you look up the tickets for Korvatunturi, Laplandia, Finland.

This guy is precisely like Santa, only he rides goats. Oh, and he also has a wife, who helps him during the busy period of Christmas holidays. His secret workshop is located here, and he’s even got his own post office. If you happen to come here this winter, send out a postcard to your friends from here.

Or if Joulupukki is not good enough have a look on Iceland. These lovely people are very thrifty - they have thirteen Yulemen, who correspond with traditional Santa. The fun part is that they don’t come altogether, but have their own visiting schedule and their own system of encouraging and punishment. If you find a rotten potato in your shoe one of these days, it only means you didn’t behave well enough. Another nontrivial New Year tradition here is candlemaking. As Iceland is very close to Polar Circle, you may need some of these during the long winter nights. Visit Reykjavik for this experience.

If 13 Santas are still not enough, go to Glasgow. Besides the Christmas Markets and Christmas Carnival, they arrange a Santa Dash, when thousands of santas can be met on the streets. You start to recollect all the drinks you’ve had the night before, as this really is slightly confusing.

Don’t wait until all these attractions are overbooked if you positively need to meet Santa. Meanwhile, we’ll prepare another block of ideas for an unboring Christmas and New Year, so that you could plan ahead.


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