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5 questions to ask your fellow traveller before the tickets are booked

At some point you may want to invite another solo traveller to go with you on your next trip. And...

Ann Korniienko
November 15, 2017

Vietnam à la carte - N+1 meals not to miss during the trip

Suppose you went to a spectacular theatre show. Actors (one actor at a time) danced, recited...

Slava Frantsishko
November 09, 2017

Plan ahead. Ideas for unboring New Year celebration - Issue 1

Have you ever faced a problem, when all the attractive tourist destinations are overbooked? This...

Denis Tsuman
October 29, 2017

Nuwara Eliya: City of Light and the Black Tea. Sri Lanka's attractions

Whatever your primary goal for the Sri Lanka trip is, seeing Nuwara Eliya should be added to your...

Alexandra Muratova
October 22, 2017

Psychologist's advice. Finding a company for a long trip

Natalie adores everything that is at least slightly connected with Scandinavia. She renovated her...

October 08, 2017

5 tips to make your Cambodia trip a disaster

Cambodia is remarkable and the tourism is on the rise during the last years. Many people wish to...

Ann Korniienko
October 08, 2017

Safety tips for finding a company for a long trip

We certainly believe all the people around us only mean well. But oftentimes it happens that we...

October 05, 2017